CARBON Datasheet(PDF) CFS14C852R103J KOA Speer ...

CARBON Datasheet(PDF) KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. CFS14C852R103J Datasheet, carbon film leaded resistors, TOCOSAMERICA, INC. RVQ103YN Datasheet, List of Unclassifed Manufacturers RSMF1JTR200 Datasheet

DaqBoard/2000 データシート ボードgt;データ

じメーカーのの IOtech, Inc. ChartScan/1400 ボード>データ シリアルベースペーパーレスチャートレコーダー: DaqBoard/2000 ボード>データ PCIデータボード 16 ビット、200 kHz アナログ、40

XC6223 Series

L 0V≦VCE≦ H . ≦VCE≦ : OPEN . CE=OPEN : CE LOGIC CONDITION IC OPERATION H Operation ON L Operation OFF(Standby) OPEN * PIN ASSIGNMENT *The dissipation pad for the USPQ4B03,USP4 packages should be solderplated in

CO1224T データシート なをいた

ダウンロード co1224t データシート 、アプリケーション システムセンサCO1224T COは、センシングをしてのをすることでをします

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Power Relays (Over 2A),Safty Relays,Signal Relays (2A or less),Microwave Devices,Control Panel Relays,Highcapacity DC Cutoff Relays and Interface Terminal. Signal Relays (2A or less),and Microwave Devices. Required I have read and understood the above cautions for use.

Chip beads for general signal line MMZ series TDK

Please be sure to request delivery specifications that provide fu rther details on the features and specifications of the products for proper and safe use.

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Title: Film Capacitors Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors (MKT) B32520 ... B32529 Author: TDK Electronics AG Created Date: 2/24/2021 1:17:16 PM

SIOV metal oxide varistors TDK Electronics

Characteristics (TA = 25 °C) Ordering code Vv (1 mA) V ∆Vv (1 mA) % vc,max (ic) V ic A Ctyp (1 kHz) pF VRMS = 250 V B72205S2251K101 390 ±10 650 65 B72207S2251K101 390 ±10 650 120 B72210S2251K101 390 ±10 650 245

HMC833LP6GE Analog Devices

7 2 PLLS WITH INTEGRATED VCO SMT HMC833LP6GE FRACTIONALN PLL WITH INTEGRATED VCO 25 6000 MHz For price delivery and to place orders: Hittite Microwave Corporation 2 Elizabeth Drive Chelmsford MA 01824

1N4001 1N4007

1N40011N4007 Document number: DS28002 Rev. 9 3 3 of 3 September 2014 © Diodes Incorporated NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGN USE S1AS1M series